31 May 2011

How to download youtube videowithout software

now youtube is largest video sharing site. milion video viewed every day there. sometime we want to download a video from youtube, ussually many people download video from youtube with a "youtube downloader", but in this article i will tell : you how to download video from youtube WITHOUT a software. lets check it
1. play the video that you will download fom youtube.

2. open a new tab on your browser (i use mozila firefox) and open www.keepvid.com
3. copy the URL of the video on the address bar and paste to keepvid.com box and click Download
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there you must have a JRE(Java Runtime environment) it's a standart packet that must instaled on computer, it's important to run some aplication on computer or on a website (like facebook, people must have JRE to run the photos uploader on facebook)but same people not have it, if you dont have too, (i m so sorry) you must download it to follow the next step. you can download it here: http://www.java.com/en/download/inc/windows_upgrade_xpi.jsp
4. wait until appear the link of the video file

5. choose your option by click on the option and wait until the file downloaded (if there a dialog box, just click OK)
good luck
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3 komentar:

Fiz said...

Swip, dan tentunya banyak jalan menuju Roma. Pakai savevid juga monggo, pakai add-ons mozilla 'easy youtube video downloader' juga bisa. BTW, nice info :)

eny said...

sngat mmbantu skLi,
hhehehehe ^_^

Hendy Ardy said...

sama2 Eny, senang bisa membantu

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